Public brothel advertisements in Girona

Apparently there is a multi-ethnic casa de barrets (hat-house, from the number hanging there) at the top of the John Lennon Musical Garden–there hasn’t been any music there since people used to pop outside the city walls to have a crap:


Here’s the pricelist:

  • Argentines: 80€
  • Blacks: 30/60€
  • Catalans: 50€
  • Romanians: 30€
  • Columbians: ?
  • Ecuadorians: 25€
  • Pigs, bitches, cocksuckers, whores in general, etc: unspecified.

Maybe Colin Davies will be able to tell me if these are typical–he seems to have studied the subject in some detail.

Older advertising is more surreptitious. A subtle hint on Gerona cathedral reminds us that the Roman Catholic Church is nothing less than that Great Whore of Babylon:


A nice pair of knockers acorns on the same edifice:


Finally, lest we forget whose fault it is, Carrer de les Polles, Prick Street:


Gerona is actually remarkably boring. It would be quite a feat to ir romera y volver ramera, to go a pilgrim and return a whore.

[The DRAE says that ramera comes from ramo, which may well be true, although I can’t imagine why, unless it. In my own etymological dreamworld, the source would be the Dutch raam, window, as in raamprostitutie.]

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  1. Sorry, Trev. When it comes to actual prices, you have the edge on me. Possibly even the thick end . . .

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