New piano shopping Calvary

Barcelona. Shop no 1 is closed at 11:30, well within its normal opening hours. The iron street blinds are down and there’s no message posted, so I walk across town to shop no 2. Yes, no problem, pay now and we’ll confirm the delivery date in a moment. The call comes a couple of hours later:
– That model isn’t available right now.
– When will it be?
– We may be able to tell you later this month, so to save trouble why don’t you just buy this more expensive model?
– No thanks. I’ll be over later to get my money.
– Oh, we’ll have to see about that.
I tend to try to buy through foreign suppliers and I pray for the day when the Chinese will be running everything. Call me a racist, but it keeps me out of the loony bin.

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  1. It must be awful for you Trevor.

    Though with 20 million Chinese made unemployed this year, your wish may be granted.

    However, Spain isn’t looking much like the land of opportunity at the moment… maybe they’ll come visit me in my oil rich adoptive homeland.

  2. Times are hard. It seems unlikely that marketing djellabas to the Chinese will save the last remnants of the Catalan textile industry.

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