Fat kids moved to ground floor of Andalusian school to stop it falling down

Spring is (almost) here, so it’s time to take a stroll and inspect councils’ stalled works programmes.

In Castilleja de la Cuesta in Seville province, according to the not terribly impartial Javier Caraballo.

It’s warm again outside, so people are going for walks again, and the first thing they notice is that the council hasn’t finished any of the things it promised it would. Javier lives in “socialist” Andalusia and Graeme lives in “conservative” Madrid, and both believe that this is proof that this, rather than saying something about Spanish politics in general, is proof that the party controlling their respective administration is corrupt and inefficient beyond anything else in existence.

[If an Andalusian school were to collapse under the weight of the learning accumulated inside, would that constitute valid grounds for home-schooling?]

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  1. I’m not sure a baseball ground is a school, although it may have been the nearest equivalent in that particular neighbourhood.

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