The dirtiest hotels in Spain

According to this list. As a popular destination, Barcelona has two in the top ten, Hostal Windsor and Hostal Abrevadero. A friend tells me that the proportion being fired in the sector substantially exceeds official figures for the drop in tourists. My money’s on the cockroaches to survive.


Don’t take shit from phoney idealists.

Fucked justice

Check out veteran socialist moderate Joaquín Leguina on the silence from both major parties re the abuse of judicial power when it suits their ends. And Ignacio Escolar has some interesting PP quotes from the last century. And UPyD says it can be fixed with legal and constitutional reform.


Renfe’s public information system at plaza Cataluña station can’t cope with the cedilla in Maçanet.


Public morality on the train to Vilafranca.


Why does the Spanish government want inmates, and where is it going to put them?

Emphyteutic lease

The Catalan Generalitat has been using Enron-like accounting to accumulate hidden liabilities.