Link sink for 25/05/2009

Hell, no one reads my Greader feed anyway.

Giles Tremlett kind of wonders whether ETA may be about to start killing British tourists in order to prevent further miscegenation. Graeme, Tom and Rab continue to believe that that’s just another legitimate political option, but the PSOE no longer agrees that there’s any place for talk and wants to do deals with anyone in the PP who isn’t going to gaol for corruption, so don’t bet on the strategy working. Meanwhile, Burgos has without more ado become independent and the King is off to Rome, ostensibly to get booed again by the Barça faithful, but probably to request asylum.

ETA may not be quick enough to get Don Colin, who is theatrically threatening to top himself if Galicia doesn’t stop pillaging his piggy bank in order to finance its recovery. Stay off those bridges, Colin.

Giles has also caught up with the media storm in a teacup re the state of Barcelona’s Ramblas, which are just as filthy and crime-ridden as ever, although my impression is that violent muggings and attacks on shops have risen considerably elsewhere. There are a lot less drunken Brits than a year ago, although someone somewhere might still celebrate if ETA came after the dregs. Curiously, and particularly so given several recent cases of local police collaboration with pimps and pickpockets, no one ever seems to wonder why the biggest concentration of prostitutes on the Ramblas is always next to the police station.

More corrupt officials have been arrested in Arrecife, but in La Herrera in Guipúzcoa they’re complaining because there hasn’t been enough construction. The FT thinks Brits are going to be crowding to buy in Spain again, but even if the pound isn’t actually heading north they’ll still be able to swim for free in the pool built on a bit of Mallorca unilaterally privatised by El Mundo’s absurd editor.

Joaquín Leguina has some moderate words re the new abortion law. My only real problem with PSOE social policy is its frivolous use to foment confrontation.

Germany is too broke to pay for itself, never mind new sustainable Spain, and the old are going to starve to death, but fear not, Brussels wants to save us and, stranger still, Ireland remains one of the most optimistic countries on earth.

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