Viaje a México

Our itinerary, and that of Polo Polo on his Viaje a España.

Off again, after a few weeks of non-stop baldie and some brief family business. First, in DF, the second-hand bookshops on Donceles and the hand compositors (ie pre-hot metal typesetters) around the Zócalo, then NW to play with the bands at the fiestas here, then east into the Puebla hills for extended research into old ladies and textile production, and finally probably down to the Veracruz coast, not to pillage whatever treasures remain, but on the principle that the risk of a muddy tomb is preferable to a sure drowning death in the Pacific–I learnt to swim here during a brief attempt to bankrupt the Dutch state and don’t do waves. Some kind of service will be resumed in August, but meanwhile here’s the great Mexican standup, Polo Polo, recovering his Hispanic heritage in his Viaje a España. The recording is from 1990, but can those of you with long memories identify the three singers at 04:20? And how accurate is his parody of gabbling Spanish obscenity?

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