Santa Coloma de Gramenet council website

I’m not sure whether the English version (half of which is in Catalan) of the website of the Ajuntament de Santa Coloma de Gramenet counts as fucked translation or not. The following, part of the greeting from Mayor Bartomeu Muñoz i Calvet, is typical:

Well-beloved internauts,

I want to sincerely welcome you to the doorway, where you will find all kind of information about the city that honours me to preside and to present you, Santa Coloma de Gramenet. It is a young, multicultural, dynamic and enterprising city. An opened city in a constant process of tansformation.

Mistranslations galore and a failure to check spelling or style might easily lead one to believe that Santa Coloma is a den of incompetents, but there are no really crazy errors, and you can more or less follow what they’re trying to say. So probably just profoundly amateurish rather than fucked, but you may disagree.

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  1. As you may be aware, the mayor of Santa Coloma will shortly be going on trial for corruption. Hypothesis: dishonest public officials tend to put up more readily with poor translation.

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