Madrid Olympic bid scuppered by constitutional chaos?

Is Spain a federal state? Is Arenys de Munt the new Andorra? Can I pay taxes to anyone I want?

That’s what the following para in the new assessment seems to be saying (the stakeholders referred to here are the city, the regional and the national government, as well as the National Olympic Committee):

The three levels of government – national, regional and city – have provided strong support and financial commitments and would cover any potential shortfall in the OCOG budget. However, the Candidature File and supporting documentation, as well as the administrative structure proposed for a Madrid 2016 Games, did not demonstrate a full understanding of the need for clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, including financial, between different stakeholders to ensure an efficient and timely transition to the OCOG, or of the management of operations required to implement the Games vision, concept and plans. Given the current complexity and magnitude of delivering a major multi-sports event such as the Olympic Games, this could result in organisational and financial challenges.

Meanwhile someone is probably not about to send the tanks in to suppress the Arenys de Munt sensimilla syndicate‘s referendum on independence for Cataloonier, to be followed we hope by Barcelona issuing a notice of UDI to the poxy Provençal peasants currently guiding its fortunes and pocketing the proceeds. Ah! for President Johns and his independent republic of the Isle of Dogs!

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  1. The real reason is that Madrid is the most unfashionable city. Can you imagine a rock super-star saying “I wrote this song in Madrid”? No, it’s impossible.

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