Decadent graffiti art at nursery entrance in Carmelo, Barcelona

The artist speaks.

Its author Sendys once said somewhere (in Spanish):

Zoen said to me, “Man, it’s like a sugar meringue.” It’s mad but fun. You may think it’s a bit soft, but remember it’s at the entrance to the nursery. The youngest ones are going to see the picture every day so it had to be something sweet for them. The football pitch above was also painted by my colleagues Shaggy and Txiki Trepax. We did it at the end of July this year in a few busy days when all kinds of stuff happened to us.

Seen on one of the variants of this walk. Sendys has been doing this kind of stuff for several decades, much of it in the Carmelo, which is where he was born. Here’s some more.

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