Fermín Salvochea, a successful comedy writer aged 1?

Cádiz’s anarchist saint seems to have been misunderstood regarding either his age or his achievements.

1842-1907, say all the biographies, which also list him as the writer of the successful comedy, Cada mochuelo a su olivo.

So how is it that, according to El clamor público of October 10 1844, on Thursday October 3 1844 the Teatro del Balon in Cádiz premiered a new comedy in one act entitled Cada Mochuelo á su Olivo? “Los chistes de que está salpicado su diálogo, y la gracia, originalidad y enredo del argumento agradaron mucho al público, que llamó a la escena á su autor don Fermín Salvochea.” And by 1845 it was in print.

Not bad for a toddler.

The lives of Salvochea make great reading for sceptics who wonder whether socialism and anarchism were neo-Christian religions. Saint Bakunin, anyone?

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