Almería’s LGTB collective to their Polish and Italian counterparts: Let’s integrate us!

No sooner has one bankrupt tribe finished subsidising with someone else’s money a visit by the billionaire Vicar of Christ when an opposing but equally impecunious clan pops up to proxy-finance solidarity tourism by the Spawn of Satan, no less, who might also have been able to pay for it themselves.

But the really bad news about this beggars’ Punch and Judy show is of course the translation.

We have commented (in a post that we can’t be arsed to rediscover) that fucked translation may actually be a smart way of promoting your brand to a linguistically sophisticated audience. However if you’re talking to English-as-a-subsidiary-language burblers, then ~standard usage is almost always objectively better, whatever dreamy sociolinguists may tell you. This is because it enables participants to get down quicker to whatever they want to get down to, which is unlikely to involve discussion of the potential confusion between object and reflexive pronouns, or the redundancy of the latter in phrases like the one in question.

Jesus and Karl love you, however you talk or write, but if your goal is rapid and effective integration with human beings, then you might want to consider a decent translator.

Tip of the sombrero to Lenox, whose Spanish Shilling is required reading.

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