Drone target: La Voz de Barcelona

Solo el Principado de Asturias, la Comunidad de Madrid, Cantabria, Galicia, Aragón y Cataluña están por encima de la media española.” Afaik 90% of what they do is sift through El País, rephrase and add spin, but ffs. And it’s curious: whatever decline may have taken place, I thought Greece and Spain were still world-leaders at stats.

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  1. There’s always the caveat (“Spanish”), but that given: Come on, man! There’s just so much you can do without the regional subsidies that plague this place.

    And Cataloonia is less loony because of guys like those at LVdB.

    That’s already something, caveat and all.

  2. They need money, and Ciutadans managed to make a bit off whatsisname the Andalusian shoe guy and some crazy woman.

  3. I understand that LVdB does not get money from C’s. I think one of the guys over at LVdB had been working for C’s before founding LVdB, and there is obviously a proximity between the editorial line and C’s’ ideology, but they seem to be trying hard to maintain their financial independence. If I remember correctly, they recently asked their readers for donations.

    I guess that’s the kind of dependence that can be accepted.

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