Ice cream in the ass

Competition from the Russians (via) (Eric suggests a chorus of Cold as ass, and a new flavour: Siberian Surprise.)

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  • The English School, Barcelona struggles with English

    I liked this bit about the school spelling competition:

    Obviously, spelling in our three languages causes problems, but these are gradually overcomed with a high standard being obtained.

    The site is full of simple errors, so that the school’s claim to offer “a high quality academical, linguistic and cultural education” seems dubious in at least one respect.

    (Thanks JD) …

  • Monkey anis


    (I once met a Tangier man who claimed to own a Barbary ape called Lisa, but let’s not go there, or here either.)

    Copywriters have moved on since Darwin was alleged to have said, “It’s the best, science says so and I’m not lying”:

    I use the sweet version of Anis del Mono in pastry …

  • Visto pero no oído

    El organillo y el cerdito vislumbrados.

  • “Family,s rock”, the world’s first recorded greengrocers’ comma?

    Should definitely be an apostrophe, dudes:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve actually seen this before, in both Hispano- and Anglophone environments. You might think that it suggests that they are also pretty unlettered in their mother tongue, but establishing that would require thorough excavation. Nurse, my bluntest chisel!

    (H/t: Thingamajig)

    Update: Jeremy suggests that some people

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