Bob Crow’s funeral

Reading the Daily Mail’s heartfelt tribute it’s clear that this must be no ordinary farewell – perhaps the railroad equivalent of a Norse ship burial, a blazing, gilded train speeding (or not) into a black hole, with an echo of Gerardo Diego’s Llanura:

Hay un temblor de unisonos
en la llanura estrellada de escondrijos
Como liebres agudas
		los horizontes huyen
				sobre estelas bruñidas
Las estrellas errantes
			se acuestan
			en el remanso de las leguas
La línea férrea virgen
silba y dispara flechas.

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  1. Wow, the Matt cartoon is pretty low (heard about it on the radio and thought as much). Quite lazy really.

  2. They’re really remembering him for the “May Thatcher rot in hell” line. The interviews with the stockbroker brother reminded me that for all the rhetoric he and the City found they had the public over a barrel. Therein lies his failure: why don’t the monkeys who press the on/off button earn 500K instead of 50?

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