Mike from Breaking Bad, alive and well and a prominent Swedish Nazi

The first photo is a PR shot of his body double, but then there he is… (dump)

In many ways and for many reasons Mike was my favourite character, but Berth Milton’s Dalarna bikers always said that he was just in it for the money, and actually wanted nothing better than to get back to wanking off other retards in a hut in a pine forest.

More DNA several genes short of a lettuce (L & R) in Donbas. Only the vegans are lacking.

Why shouldn’t the EU be encouraged to establish a bridgehead on the Black Sea and built its pipeline? Remember Napoleon.

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Last updated 15/11/2014

Donbas (1): The Donbas or Donbass is a historical, cultural, and economic region in eastern Ukraine and southwestern Russia.

Kaleboel (4307):

Klas Lund (1): Klas Henrik Pontus Lund is a member of the Swedish neo-Nazi group Svenska motståndsrörelsen now part of the wider movement known as Nordic Resistance Movement with presence in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. A one-time member of Vitt Ariskt Motstånd, Lund has previous convictions for bank robbery and manslaughter.On November 30, 1999 he was portrayed in Sweden's mainstream media as a major threat to the country's democracy, along with 61 other individuals from various neo-Nazi organizations and motorcycle gangs.

White Aryan Resistance (Sweden) (1): White Aryan Resistance was a militant neo-nazi network active in Sweden between 1991 and 1993.


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