E-commerce fack-up

Cart logic:

  1. Total price < 150€: you can have your paint delivered to you; you pay extra.
  2. Total price > 150€: you can have your paint delivered to you, free; unfortunately the only delivery option (Formas de Entrega) is to pick stuff up in the shop.

If I point this out to them, do you think they’ll:

  1. Offer me a discount for being so helpful?
  2. Go into a sulk and intimate that Teruel can do without my business anyway?

Did national stereotypes influence your answer?

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  1. Write to them, they’ll probably help. I negotiated with an online shop in Zaragoza last year to get a better price on an AV receiver. The chap was very helpful and gave me a fair deal. Despite the fact that we hated each other.

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