England & Wales Deaths

Gramps ID S0053


    1. Reg. Q1. [E2123]
    2. Jeanne Josephine Fortis [I1355]
    1. Reg. Chester & Ellesmere Port. [E2122]
    2. Suzanne Claire Fortis [I1354]
    1. Reg, Q3. [E2168]
    2. Martin J.M. (de) Fortis [I1360]
    1. William Smith Cowtan [I0426]
    2. Reg. Q1. Aged 91 i.e. born 1814/5. [E2129]
    1. Reg. Q4. [E2128]
    2. Sarah (Cowtan) [I0427]
    1. Maurice Edward (aka Maurice Edouard A. C. Guichot de) Fortis [I1352]
    2. Reg. Q2 as plain Maurice Fortis. [E2111]
    1. Lucienne Jeanne C. Fortis [I1353]
    2. Reg. Q3. [E2121]
    1. Birth, Suzanne Claire Fortis [E2103]
    2. Suzanne Claire Fortis [I1354]
    1. Sarah (Cowtan) [I0427]
    2. Birth, Sarah (Cowtan) [E1014]
    1. Maurice says 1860, but gets his death date wrong. [E2099]
    2. Gaston Emile A. (aka Gaston Guillaume Guichot de aka Gaston Edouard Guichot de)) Fortis [I1351]
    1. David Jones/Ap Simon/ApSimon [I0021]
    2. Laura Eliza Chard [I0082]
    3. Registered Q4. [E1133]
    4. Registered Q1. [E0061]
    5. Registered Q2 Lewes. He died suddenly - heart attack or something. [E0073]
    6. William Henry Tangye [I0081]
    7. David James Vivash [I0478]
    8. Registered Q2 Trowbridge district. [E0101]
    9. May Mary Mitchell [I0153]
    10. David Rowlands [I0169]
    11. Rowland Rowlands [I0165]
    12. Rebecca Massey [I0055]
    13. Registered Q1, before the 12/4/1976 given in obit, which memory tells me was the funeral. [E0035]
    14. Registered Q4. [E1216]
    15. Funeral report suggests March. In 1881 census, not in 1891 or 1901. [E0466]
    16. Registered Q3. [E0170]
    17. William Henry Tangye [I0223]
    18. Registered Q1. [E1223]
    19. Joseph Henry ApSimon [I0012]
    20. Jane Rowlands [I0020]
    21. Birth, May Mary Mitchell [E1222]
    22. Francis Abraham Cowtan [I0222]
    23. Registered Q1, and a random AMA doc says 31/1/...1905 aged 74. AMA elswhere says May. Age 69 is too young for 1868 birth. "Died of anaemia. She had Hodgkin's leukaemia, I think, something like that." Jonah then went to live at St Olave's. [E0068]
    24. Antoinette/Anna Catherina/Anna Christine/Anne Catherine/Ann Catherine Lejeune [I0229]
    25. Registered Q3. [E1137]
    26. Registered Q3. Pretty sure this is the one. [E1232]
    27. Marjorie Olive Tangye [I0088]
    28. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    29. Registered Q3. [E1253]
    30. Maud Ethel/Ethel Maude Waitwell/Whitwell [I0089]
    31. Is the exact date family Bible? Reg. Ormskirt Q4!! Birkdale is 1901 census. [E0011]
    32. Registered Q2 1864 as William Thomas Simon, though Deaths suggests 1862-3 and there is a William Simon registered in 1863. ApSimon comes in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. There was idle speculation that he was a son of Simon Jones Bala by Jane Rowlands while Grace was still alive, but no even vaguely circumstantial evidence. [E1202]
    33. David Henry Vivash [I0475]
    34. Presumably killed by the consequences of the Spanish flu - TTA's letters from the front advise him on remedies for a flu-like illness. [E0008]
    35. Registered Q1. [E1186]
    36. Gerald Reburn Lamont [I0189]
    37. Registered Q4. [E0171]
    38. Birth, Janet Reid [E0416]
    39. CMT says 1970, but reg. 12/1969. [E0560]
    40. Thomas Trevor ApSimon [I0007]
    41. Thomas is born as Jones and listed as such in the 1851 census. By 1861, however, he is Apsimon. [E0007]
    42. Amelia Jeffree/Jefferee [I0331]
    43. Death, Gerald Reburn Lamont [E0431]
    44. Jean Elizabeth ApSimon [I0040]
    45. Aged 81. Registered Q4. [E1207]
    46. Deaths says Q3 1899. Redruth probably means sub-district Camborne. [E0691]
    47. Ellen Linsell [I0479]
    48. Registered Q4. [E1221]
    49. Births gives Q2 registration, Deaths exact date, Edmonton is registration district but Tottenham given in 1911. [E1132]
    50. Deaths says 4th quarter in Bala, probably same Jane Jones. [E0025]
    51. Emma Treadwell [I0252]
    52. Married to WHT1, not WHT2. 1901 suggests 1867-8, 1911 1865-6. Deaths suggests 1866/7. May not have been born in Antwerp but simply resident there before coming to UK. [E0556]
    53. Hendon is registration district. [E0548]
    54. Registered Q4. [E1196]
    55. Birth, Alexander Reid [E0413]
    56. Isabella Massey [I0042]
    57. Deaths: aged 61, so born 1843/4. [E0227]
    58. Ernest Vivian Dunn [I0534]
    59. Elizabeth Anne Bowring [I0067]
    60. Lavinia Tangye [I0335]
    61. Death registered Q1. Daughter Daisy born 1891-2. Not in 1901 census. [E1003]
    62. Hannah Margaretta Elizabeth Griffiths [I0022]
    63. Idris ApSimon [I0514]
    64. Registered Q2. Her husband remarries in 1895. [E1197]
    65. Registered Q4. [E1102]
    66. William Thomas Simon/ApSimon [I0510]
    67. John Godfrey Whitwell [I0501]
    68. Alexander Reid [I0198]
    69. Marriages: between 1859 and 1860, because otherwise she would have seemed very young. Deaths: 1862. [E1192]
    70. Q2 aged 68. [E0800]
    71. 2nd quarter. [E0034]
    72. Precilla/Priscilla Smales [I0502]
    73. George Rhys Davies [I0047]
    74. 2nd quarter, aged 63, which is consistent with registry birthdate. Hendon is registration district. [E0175]
    75. Thomas ApSimon (Jones) [I0008]
    76. Helena Davies Tangye [I0226]
    77. Deaths says Jane Jones dies Bala 4th quarter, David then goes to aunt in Pentre. [E0471]
    78. Janet Reid [I0024]
    79. Anne/Ann Jones [I0059]
    80. Month is Jim Rowe. Deaths says William H Chard Q4. [E1041]
    81. 1st quarter, aged 67. [E0029]
    82. Aged 84, so DOB 1866/7. St. Albans is reg district. [E0563]
    83. AMA has another one in Q4, aged 74, so DoB 1835/6, but our one is still alive in 1911. [E0257]
    84. Elizabeth Jones [I0113]
    85. Richard Douglas ApSimon [I0039]
    86. Registered 2nd quarter. [E1000]
    87. Birth, Elizabeth Anne Bowring [E0205]
    88. William Henry Chard [I0220]
    89. Marylebone in 1901 census. [E0161]
    90. Registered Q3. [E1252]
    91. Q1, aged 55. [E0694]
    1. Jeanne Josephine Fortis [I1355]
    2. Reg. Q2. [E2118]
    1. William Charles Cowtan [I1442]
    2. Reg. Q2. [E2138]