England & Wales Births

Gramps ID S0055


    1. Birth, Suzanne Claire Fortis [E2103]
    2. Suzanne Claire Fortis [I1354]
    1. Son of Albert C. S. Lamont and Mabel Reburn of Bournemouth. [E0434]
    2. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    3. Jean Elizabeth ApSimon [I0040]
    4. Q4. Record says Redruth, of which Camborne is district for purposes of registration. [E0538]
    5. William Thomas Simon/ApSimon [I0510]
    6. Registered Q2. [E1204]
    7. Laura Eliza Chard [I0082]
    8. Maud Ethel/Ethel Maude Waitwell/Whitwell [I0089]
    9. Registered Q4. There's another Emma Treadwell registered in the same quarter in Southwark. [E1011]
    10. Alexander Reid [I0198]
    11. John Godfrey Whitwell [I0501]
    12. Fanny Treloar/Trelour Davies Tangye [I0225]
    13. Mary Celia Marples [I0199]
    14. Is the exact date family Bible? Reg. Ormskirt Q4!! Birkdale is 1901 census. [E0011]
    15. Registered Q1. [E1206]
    16. Registered Q2 1864 as William Thomas Simon, though Deaths suggests 1862-3 and there is a William Simon registered in 1863. ApSimon comes in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. There was idle speculation that he was a son of Simon Jones Bala by Jane Rowlands while Grace was still alive, but no even vaguely circumstantial evidence. [E1202]
    17. David Henry Vivash [I0475]
    18. William Henry Tangye [I0081]
    19. Arthur Tryweryn ApSimon [I0014]
    20. David James Vivash [I0478]
    21. Registered Q4. [E0060]
    22. Birth reg. West Derby Q3. [E0009]
    23. Births says 3rd quarter 1878 Redruth (there's a Caroline Tangye born then-ish/there-ish too - possible twin). Afterwards it's always Camborne. 1911 census says 30 (1880-1), 1901 says 22 (1878-9), 1891 12 (1878-9). Pretend he was younger for reasons of business/love? Death register consistent with birth. 1939 register says 28 May 1876. [E0174]
    24. Birth, Nancy Isabella Davies [E0037]
    25. May Mary Mitchell [I0153]
    26. Births gives Q2 registration, Deaths exact date, Edmonton is registration district but Tottenham given in 1911. [E1132]
    27. Anne Whiteside [I0079]
    28. Registered Q3. [E1191]
    29. Emma Treadwell [I0252]
    30. Registered 3rd quarter. [E0990]
    31. George Rhys Davies [I0047]
    32. Birth reg. Toxteth Park as opposed to W Derby for previous births. Still Amberley St.? [E0010]
    33. Rebecca Massey [I0055]
    34. Birth, Anne Whiteside [E1089]
    35. Gerald Reburn Lamont [I0189]
    36. Birth registered in West Derby, Lancashire, England. Maybe that's the Toxteth reg. district. [E0006]
    37. Janet Reid [I0024]
    38. Muriel Edith M. Hallett [I0476]
    39. Birth, Alexander Reid [E0413]
    40. Nancy Isabella Davies [I0013]
    41. 3rd quarter in Births, Redruth. 1891 says 1875-6 Camborne. Births gives Fanny Treloar D. Tangye, 1891 Fanny Tangye. [E0540]
    42. Registered Q3. [E0170]
    43. Emrys ApSimon [I0513]
    44. William Henry Tangye [I0223]
    45. Births says 1881 York, Mormons Births & Christenings says 7/8/1881 Monk Bar Chapel i.e. christening, 1911 implies 1883-4, 1939 says 27/5/1882, which I take to be birthday. I guess she took 3 years off her age in London, probably because her mother was already 5 months pregnant on marriage. [E0176]
    46. Joseph Henry ApSimon [I0012]
    47. Albert Matthews [I0177]
    48. Census presumably gives Cecilia. Births and others however show Celia. [E0415]
    49. Registered Q3 Wirral. [E0062]
    50. Registered Q4 Birkenhead district. [E0100]
    51. Richard Douglas ApSimon [I0039]
    52. Birth, Emrys ApSimon [E1205]
    53. Registered Q4. [E1134]
    54. Birth, Janet Reid [E0416]
    55. 1881: 9, born in Altrincham. Births: Albert Mathews born Q4 Altrincham. Cheshire Parish Registers: Albert Mathews, parents John & Mary Matthews, baptised 21 Jan 1872 St George's. 1901: born 1871-2 St George's parish, Altrincham. [E0347]
    56. Ernest Vivian Dunn [I0534]
    57. Thomas Trevor ApSimon [I0007]
    58. Marylebone in 1901 census. [E0161]
    59. Birth, May Mary Mitchell [E1222]
    60. Idris ApSimon [I0514]
    61. Francis Abraham Cowtan [I0222]
    62. Reg Q3 Highworth. 1901 census says he's 2. [E0276]
    63. Births says Q1 in registration district Highworth. Censuses say Swindon. [E0072]
    64. Registered Q3. [E1252]
    65. Gwilym/Gurlyn/William ApSimon [I0512]
    66. John Davies [I0046]
    67. Registered Q3. [E1137]
    68. Marjorie Olive Tangye [I0088]
    1. Ethel Minnie Clark [I1308]
    2. Birth, Ethel Minnie Clark [E2147]
    1. Maurice Edward (aka Maurice Edouard A. C. Guichot de) Fortis [I1352]
    2. Reg. Q2 as plain Maurice Fortis. [E2111]
    1. Registered in Pancras, mother's maiden name Chard. [E0163]
    2. Nora Cowtan [I0083]
    1. Christenings gives 26 Oct 1819. [E1023]
    2. Matilda Gregory [I0432]
    1. Reg. Q3. [E2115]
    2. Lucienne Jeanne C. Fortis [I1353]
    1. Reg. Q3. Mother's name Bradford. [E2167]
    2. Martin J.M. (de) Fortis [I1360]