England & Wales Marriages

Gramps ID S0047


    1. Ambroise M. M. Hernot [I1396]
    2. Reg. Q1. He died, so her next marriage is presumably as Edith Hernot. [E2109]
    3. Edith Fortis [I1356]
    1. Maurice Edward (aka Maurice Edouard A. C. Guichot de) Fortis [I1352]
    2. Reg. Q2. [E2113]
    3. Marjorie Ethel Bradford [I1358]
    1. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    2. Both 15/1 and 22/1 given. Maud Ethel was born four months later. [E1190]
    3. William Thomas Simon/ApSimon [I0510]
    4. Birth, Francis Whitwell [E1194]
    5. Maud Ethel/Ethel Maude Waitwell/Whitwell [I0089]
    6. Collier [E0250]
    7. John Godfrey Whitwell [I0501]
    8. Marriages: between 1859 and 1860, because otherwise she would have seemed very young. Deaths: 1862. [E1192]
    9. Registered Q2. [E1188]
    10. Registered Q3. [E1284]
    11. Mary Harrison??? [I0419]
    12. Registered Q4. [E1131]
    13. David Henry Vivash [I0475]
    14. William Henry Tangye [I0081]
    15. Edward Rogers [I0339]
    16. David James Vivash [I0478]
    17. Ellen Linsell [I0479]
    18. May Mary Mitchell [I0153]
    19. Reg district, so probably Camborne. [E0695]
    20. Precilla/Priscilla Smales [I0502]
    21. Registered Q2. [E1208]
    22. Registered Q3. [E1191]
    23. David John Ap Simon [I0023]
    24. Thomas ApSimon (Jones) [I0008]
    25. Registered Q3. [E0307]
    26. Registered Q3. [E1127]
    27. Registered 3rd quarter. [E0996]
    28. Janet Reid [I0024]
    29. Muriel Edith M. Hallett [I0476]
    30. Nancy Isabella Davies [I0013]
    31. Francis Whitwell [I0506]
    32. Registered Q2. [E0030]
    33. Registered Q4. [E1142]
    34. Registered Q3. AMA: Gladys Dunn was working and couldn't afford to take time off to go to the wedding. DRA: there's a solid silver cake stand marked TTA 24 August 1924 - wonder why they didn't engrave NIA on it too. [E0036]
    35. Rev. John Thomas B.A. officiated. [E0014]
    36. Marriage, Family of Francis Whitwell and Annie Lightburn Shearing [E1195]
    37. Annie Lightburn Shearing [I0507]
    38. Thomas Trevor ApSimon [I0007]
    39. Margaret Hughes [I0515]
    40. Elizabeth Anne Bowring [I0067]
    41. Lavinia Tangye [I0335]
    42. Francis Abraham Cowtan [I0222]
    43. James Doe [I0556]
    44. Henry Morris [I0108]
    45. Registered Q2. Her husband remarries in 1895. [E1197]
    46. John Davies [I0046]
    47. Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]
    48. Marjorie Olive Tangye [I0088]
    1. Reg. Q3. [E2116]
    2. Henry C. Williams [I1369]
    3. Lucienne Jeanne C. Fortis [I1353]
    1. John Buchanan [I1386]
    2. Jeanne Josephine Fortis [I1355]
    3. Reg. Q3. [E2117]
    1. Reg. Q4. [E2107]
    2. John A. Reed [I1395]
    3. Edith Fortis [I1356]
    1. Gaston Emile A. (aka Gaston Guillaume Guichot de aka Gaston Edouard Guichot de)) Fortis [I1351]
    2. Reg. Q1 Westminster St. Margaret. Edmée was 16, says Jan, &, says L'Univers, left 8 young children when she died, though citing 8 rather than 6 might have been to attract more donations for Gaston. [E2093]
    3. Edmée Jeanne A. L. (aka Edina) Humetz [I1350]
    1. Leonard V. Walker [I1379]
    2. Suzanne Claire Fortis [I1354]
    3. Reg. Q3. [E2104]
    1. George Treadwell [I0431]
    2. Matilda Gregory [I0432]
    3. Marriage, Family of George Treadwell and Matilda Gregory [E2143]