Passionate kisses

Mme Chirac & George Bush.

Mme Chirac & George Bush.

I’ll bet you’re grateful that I didn’t call this Chirac kisses … OK, just forget it. Mark Doyle did a little analysis of a recent presidential snog-in, concluding that Jacques had punished Mugabe severely by not kissing him even once; some of you might beg to differ. Chirac may have only given Laura one, as it were, but we should probably just be grateful that he didn’t bite the hand that feeds him.

Tired old political joke

A little boy goes up to his mum and says:
– Mum, what’s the difference between potentially and actually?
– Well son, go find your dad and ask him if he’d kiss Edith Cresson. Then ask him if he’d kiss her for a million francs.
Five minutes later he’s back:
– Mum, first he said he wouldn’t kiss her but when I said about the money he said he would.
– OK son, now find your sister and ask her if she’d kiss Jacques Chirac. Then ask her if she’d do it for a million francs.
He’s back in seconds:
– Mum, first she said she wouldn’t, but she changed her mind when I mentioned the money.
– OK son, that means that potentially we have two million francs but actually we’re just living with a bunch of floozies.

And here ends my lunchtime rant.

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