nationalism is bad for business

Empirical proof: yesterday’s rant-filled page impressions (excluding repeats from the same IP) were 20% higher than the previous record, but click-through earnings were the lowest since Christmas Day.

Going up a level, do you think it is an attractive signal to outside investors (hint from JB) that ERC, the party currently holding the balance of power in Catalonia, seems to believe that language is more important in education policy than are maths and science?

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  1. Trevor,

    God… You still go on with your crusade against nationalism?. You should move to Madrid and work in “La Razon”. You’re the master of lies and manipulation. Please tell me where it says in that text that the ERC party believes language is more important than education?.

    You seem to forget that PP has invented a lot less in education than the previous government. The education level is pretty bad. Math & Science skills of Spaniards are among the lowest in Europe. School failure is a real problem.

    So the ERC text says they want to invest more funds in improving the education, reduce school failure, and so on… it seems pretty reasonable to me. Did you even read the text?.

  2. How could someone as completely unreasonable as Trevor work for La Razon? To be fair, that text – not all of which I understand – only mentions maths once, but the importance of Catalan is mentioned every other sentence.

  3. I’m sorry if i interrumpt your “Crusade” against Joan, but to be fair with ERC (i’m not a Carod fan, as you know), it’s better to read the text of the pact signed by the three forces who conform now the Government of Catalonia. As you will see, the word catalan doesn’t appear in every sentence (pages 35-37, education. There’s another universities section too).

    As for the dangerous of nationalism applicated to foreign inversion, better see these official statistics. It was eight times bigger in 2002 than in 1995.

  4. Thanks for the links, which I’ll read tomorrow. If they could put Carod and Benach in the corner with paper bags over their heads, a lot of good things could come out of the coalition. I’ve heard a couple of proposals re education and the environment that are basically very sensible.

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