News tha the forst results frem a git big survey on the use of Valencian carried oot fre the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua are expected in aboot a month. The AVL (photos) is another one of those wonderful clubs heor in Spain in which a bunch of aad lads put on suits an get together an an gis prizes te each other. Ah think a Geordie Language Academy is a champion idea, but in England fowk seem te prefer golf. If yee divvent understand what ahm saying, heor is a Geordie-English-Indonesian byeuk te help yee:



bahasa indonesia

Much is the Dog?

How much is Newcastle Brown Ale?
How much does the ugly girl charge?

Berapa harga Newcastle Brown Ale?
Berapa harga gadis tolol itu?

Wees gona score loads the morra.

The team will win by a lot tomorrow.
We are going to have lots of prostitutes tomorrow.

Besok tim (kita) akan menang dengan angka besar.
Besok kita akan mencari banyak pelacur-pelacur.

Yee been shagin wor lass like?

Have you had sex with my wife, or not?

Apakah kamu/anda bermain sex dengan istri saya, atau tidak?

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