How to spot Opus infiltrators

Opus is Opus Dei (“God’s Work” / “Obra de Dios”), the sect started by Barbastro priest Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer. Popular belief in their influence–I’d say they’re Spain’s masons, except that folks are convinced the masons are also out to get them–has given rise to jokes, like the one about the well-connected bank with a sign hanging outside reading:

Prohibida la entrada a toda persona ajena a la Obra.
Entry forbidden to those unconnected with the Work.

Now here’s a page in the States (via Jim Tucker) which details how to spot infiltrators. I particularly liked these bits:

The infiltrator’s wife will start hustling the pastor or a deacon. She may also start showing up at church picnics in skimpy clothing. The pastor will not want to confront the situation because the infiltrators are giving heavily.
The infiltrator will try to stimulate the youth in sexual areas. He will throw boys and girls together in non-spiritual activities, and he will encourage mixed swimming parties and boating events. If he cannot do this, he will offer to host youth activities and steer them away from soul winning and Christian service activities. He will offer to coach the church ball team, and he will fire up so much competitive spirit that the youth turn mean and nasty. Church ball teams are wicked anyway. Don’t waste your time on them.

I went to mass at Puiggraciós (walk) the other day. I think they’re still OK.

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