Vicky Cristina Barcelona has had impact on mainstream acceptance of Spanish in USA

Barcelona’s huge subsidy to Woody Allen may attract some tourists, but the film has not achieved the politicians’ goal of promoting the notion of a separate Catalan identity.

That’s what the Miami Herald says in a good piece on the rapid growth in the use and visibility of Spanish in the States, where Spain’s hereditary parasites are on an official visit. And:

On public television, there’s Gwyneth Paltrow on a ride through the Catalonian countryside in a convertible, showing off her considerable Spanish vocabulary to chef Mario Batali, who’s not bad himself. Paltrow says she’s made learning Spanish a priority for daughter Apple. She buys DVDs in Spanish, and “Dora, la exploradora” is Apple’s favorite cartoon character… On another channel, the preteen generation is also speaking Spanish in a joint movie production between Disney and a Spanish company. The American Cheetah Girls are in Barcelona and they’re singing about “a world united by music” and speaking sporadic Spanish without any translation or subtitles for viewers. Ditto for the toddlers watching Handy Manny help his Spanish-speaking neighbors fix stuff with the help of his talking tools.

Check out a nationalist perspective on the movie from our favourite nudist coke-smuggling desperado (sorry, desperat), Ian Llorens.
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