Star Trek, the origins

Kalebeul’s investigation into Vosk and the Na’kuhl temporal conduit yields some surprising results.

One fine spring day Christopher Columbus was boldly sailing where no Barbary pirate had sailed before when he observed a sailor fall overboard. “Beam me up, Scotty,” cried the unfortunate, and Columbus hauled him from the raging sea. “Why did he call you Scotty?” enquired a passing screenwriter. “Because my name is actually Pedro Scotto and as you can see I’m blond with freckles and light skin,” replied the great admiral, “but don’t tell anyone or you may start a civil war in Spain 500 years from now.” “Mum’s the word,” said Gene Roddenberry, but Alfonso Enseñat de Villalonga, concealed behind a barrel of salt red herring, knew in his soul that this was the only lead he’d ever get. (Via Colin)

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