The smog is back

But here are a couple of photos from the day after the great storm

Skies were exceptionally clear on January 25 after violent gales dispersed aerial pollution. Although less than 40 miles from Barcelona, Turó de l’Home, the highest (+-1,700m) peak in the Montseny massif, is frequently invisible from city hilltops. But the above photo taken from Carmelo district shows it unveiled and snow-wreathed.

In the next picture the distance to the Besós generating station is less, but the clarity is marvellous:

The final image is of police closing Park Güell, causing a Korean lady to cry “No! no! no!” and weep profusely:

The top half of the park is still closed, causing considerable annoyance to tourists who arrive via Vallcarca. Maybe this should be signalled somewhere down-town.

(Thanks JD for the photos and the Korean story!)

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