Entertaining video of prostitutes and thieves on the Rambla

By Ramon Vila & Marta Cuatrecasas


The choreography of black African women, Maghrebi men, and dead-drunk (thus ungendered) English tourists is exquisite, as is the denunciation of vice by La Vanguardia, which makes a considerable proportion of what is left of its income from advertising for brothels, individual girls and chatlines. Ironic, too, the support expressed for the various police forces involved, when various officers are under investigation for commissions received from the sex trade and the zone filmed is just down from the entrance to the local police station.

Ex-Vanguardia stalwart Manuel Trallero is covering the paper’s conversion from its traditional Catholic monarchism to atheist republicanism (eg in this profile of Jordi Juan) as subscriptions and advertising die and regional state support remains firm. Public interest is so low that we are told elsewhere that it may be about to start publishing in Catalan. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Good video, though, although Mr T also notes that this is not exactly the first time that the death of the Rambla has been proclaimed.

[Just in: Barcelona Metropolitan has relaunched its website, apparently at some considerable cost … but still hasn’t implemented feeds. ¡Duh!]

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