Mens insana in vico insano?

  1. In one of a number of Neapolitan-style toxic waste mafia scandals currently breaking in Spain (today it was also announced that of the 141 councils in Alicante province, 23 are under investigation for waste and planning offences), it has been alleged that Cerdanyola hosts an illegal and potentially explosive dump containing at least 650,000 tonnes of hazardous waste, as well as a couple of million of “normal” refuse, deposited before its closure in 1995.
  2. Tom lives in Cerdanyola, says he has a bad rash, and blogs from an SWP perspective.

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  1. I don’t have a bad rash.

    But yeah, not very nice. Fortunately, I only drink wine and Voll Damm, so I don’t think I’ll have been affected.

  2. Montcada i Reixac isn’t a very nice place at all. Problem is, it’s bisected by a railway and the motorways system (so maybe that’s trisected).

    CdV is actually rather pleasant. It probably has more ‘sentit de poble’ than any of the other industrial towns in the Vallès, and has been tidied up very well since we moved here. We’ve got easy walking access to Collserola and it’s a short bus ride to work in BCN.

    The problem with the toxic waste dumps has been known about here for a while. The most worrying thing is the plan to build 4,000 flats on top of it, and that there are serious allegations that this ties into the ‘Caso Pretoria’ (though this could just be the local PP trying to win some points, I suppose).

  3. The massive increase in population and the increase in waste per capita over the last 50 years has been accompanied by massive quarrying to build houses and roads, so it’s not altogether surprising that private and public sector crooks got together to fill the holes with the crap. Like the Tripartite to a large extent, Mas is promising not to be too hard on his predecessors, so I’d be most surprised if it wasn’t a cross-party affair. If we ever to get to the bottom of it, I would expect the scandal to be comparable in scale to places like Naples, where government is conceivably more corrupt but where population growth has been less dramatic.

  4. Com el Vallès no hi ha res, beer is mainly water and what about the asbestos over there? Oh you’re so screwed.

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