Teachers, do the bosses a favour and strike tomorrow

With some revolutionary news from Girona.

You lose a day’s pay, which reduces the administration’s funding needs, and (foreign) students will be less likely to opt for your institution in the future, making further cuts look rational. Geddit?

Another curious union story:

O was in Girona with libertarian Republican Texan oilmen the other day, noticed that a “general assembly” of United Left aka the indignados was programmed to start around the time his tour finished, and thought it might be interesting for his party to have a look at real existing European socialism.

On arrival in Plaza de la Independencia (the survival of the statue commemorating the 1809 siege indicates that that’s still Spain ex France, rather than Cataloonia ex Spain) it turned out that the entire action consisted of five quasi-squatters customising rebellious slogans onto PRC t-shirts on a trestle table, while next to them four toddlers awaited with bated the start of a UGT-branded revolutionary Punch and Judy show.

It was apparently difficult to say who was more surprised – the neo-liberal demons or the sprogs – when Lenin-Punch popped over the top and said, “On the 2nd of July 2005 a law was passed legalising marriage between two persons of the same sex.”

In a non-confessional state it makes far more sense to me to remove marriage from the statutes and have it governed by general contract law, but progressives tend to be conservative, and so I supported Zapatero’s legislation as preferable to the status quo.

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