One problem with escraches

There’s also this phenomenon called Iche.

Of expat bloggers, Tom‘s revolutionary armchair is rumoured to be in a van, Mathew of this Parris is too worried about the imminent (2014) revaluation of his stately home, but Colin and Lost seem to think that direct action may in this case work better than parliament democracy. That may be true, but self-proclaimed saviours of humanity and homeland do not always agree, and I wonder whether C&L’s enthusiasm would be damped if the undoubted success of the anti-PP mob over the past decade were to be imitated by those, for example, who would like to close abortion clinics, or who resent having shooting targets painted on their front doors for daring to suggest that Spanish should enjoy de facto official status in the regions.

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  1. Right. The PAH has quite widespread popular support. As far as I can see, much more than Manos Limpias, AVT, or Arran for that matter. There’s a poll out there somewhere (can’t find it) which found that the PAH is the most popular social movement in Spain at the moment.

    It’s also a progressive movement, rather than a regressive one (that cancels out the anti-abortion rights groups).

    Death threats and Francoist daubs – even when received by malevolent types whose intention is to sow ethnicconflict and attack democracy – should be opposed by any decent person.

    Campaigning against evictions caused by a nasty property bubble and made worse by pathetically inept government is sweet and noble.

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