Experts in dismantling and mantling funitures

roberto rob in Barcelona Metropolitan’s classifieds:

We offer the most reliable services of movings both within the town and outsidethe town,even outsside the country. we are experts in dismantling and mantling funitures, we are on duty 24 hrs and 7 days a week. just give us a trial,

I think mantle is a pretty nifty bit of back-formation, but I know there will be conservatives who will prefer to speculate, following the OED (access with a UK local library card), that the funitures will actually

  • be concealed or obscured;
  • be covered with a coating of ashes in order to shelter them from the weather;
  • become covered with some other type of coating or scum;
  • become frisky or rampant;
  • start to embrace people in a friendly or affectionate manner.

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