Late June lawnmower roadtrip across Northern Spain: call for sofas, haylofts etc.

Company would be most welcome along the following route, assuming a purchase is made on Wednesday:

(Pontevedra,) N-541 O Carballiño, N-541/N-120 Orense, N525 Verín, Benavente, Castrogonzalo, N-610 Palencia, Villalobón, Valdeolmillos, Torquemada, Cordovilla la Real, Quintana del Puente, N-622 Lerma, Covarrubias, Hortigüela, N-234 Soria, Calatayud, A-1504 Miedes de Aragón, Cariñena, A-220 Belchite, A-1307/N-232 Alcañiz, N-232 Valdealgoría, N-420 Gandesa, Corbera d’Ebre, Mora d’Ebre, Falset, Reus, T-315 Tarragona, Vilafranca, (Barcelona.)

The route sounds a bit strange, but that’s because I’ve used to check and vaguely optimise route elevation profiles, and that’s because my prospective lawnmower:

Piaggio Ape Kasten.jpg

… is said to be able handle a maximum gradient of 18-22%, beyond which this happens (getting out of Galicia is particularly fraught):

At 25-30 km/h I reckon it’ll take 5/6 days. Petrol consumption is ca. 30 km/l, so it shouldn’t break the bank.


And then I’ll be looking for space (250*126 cm) in a trustworthy premise/garage @BCN in exchange for promotion.

Contacts here.

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  1. There are conversions around that allege accommodation for 2 adults & 2 toddlers, without breaking through to the driver's compartment, but I don't reckon they'd get very far. I saw another conversion for 1 which does put your feet on the handlebars, and that looks about feasible. Or were you thinking dwarves?

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