Geologically-based racial theory of Spain

A cloud of fruit flies have crawled in through Miquel Coll i Alentorn’s ear and devoured his brain.

According to Arcadi Espada Miquel Coll i Alentorn, ex-president of the Catalan parliament, thinks we may one day be able to explain genetic differences presumed by him to exist between Us and Them by reference to the geological division of the peninsula “into two great areas: granitic in the west and much of the centre, and calcareous in the east.” This may actually be true in his case: everyone’s favourite fruit fly, Drosophila, carries the so-called karst gene, and it sounds like a cloud of them have crawled in through his ear and devoured his brain. Whether this kind of Nazi crap should be taught in schools in a city which believes it has a future in the biosciences is quite another matter.

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