Sale el sol por la mañana

This morning in one of Barcelona’s beach-side districts, Barceloneta, l’Agrupació Coral Humorística “El Rossinyol”, founded 1925, was singing the following ditty, accompanied by a band that in Holland would be referred to as a boerenkapel:

Sa-le_el sol por la ma-ña-na,
por la ma-ña-na sa-le_el sol.
Los bor-rachos por la tar-de,
y por la no-che_el ros-sin-yol!

I don’t know who sang the original of this song, and there are numerous versions of it in circulation. I am rather partial to the following cousin, many times removed, and probably with a different tune:

En todas partes del mundo
sale el sol por la mañana;
y a mí me sale a la noche
cuando estoy en tu ventana.

According to this page, the latter is from the Rodríguez Marín songbook.

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