Binding referendum on the future of Catalonia, hosted by Kalebeul

In response to confusion in the markets re Spain’s constitutional arrangements and the size and distribution of its public debt, kaleBirthday has, remarkably, gained the consent of the Catalan, Spanish and EU administrations to conduct a binding poll on the future of the troubled region. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

Time’s running short, boys, so let’s get this over with. Should all future decisions regarding Catalonia be taken from
the Plaça Sant Jaume?
the Moncloa?
Herman van Rompuy’s favourite waffle stand?

No voting twice, and God help us all.

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  1. Seems like I voted for a Bosch. Well that’s Catalan enough, innit. I don’t suppose the burghers of Sarrià or the hookers of Universitat will mind that much either way.

  2. I see other possibility.

    Lease parts of the country to the Chinese. As Greeks and Phoenicians deployed colonies in Iberia, so in coastal areas sizeable chunks of land ( the whole province of Valencia comes to mind ), could be leased to Chinese enterprises. No taxes, no Spanish labor law, only Spanish Penal Code enforced by judges under King’s control, no national or autonomous parliament or government involved.

    And I mean it. Indeed.

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