“Messi hoarding cats in a Nuremburg back-house”

Pro help needed for your favourite pro?

Photo here.


  1. OED: 1888 B. L. Burnett From Stable Boy xxvii. 148, I was layving..without going to the zider cask in the back-houze.
  2. Wikipedia: Der Begriff Messie-Syndrom (von englisch mess „Unordnung, Durcheinander“, die korrekte englische Bezeichnung lautet Compulsive Hoarding) bezeichnet schwerwiegende Defizite in der Fähigkeit, die eigene Wohnung ordentlich zu halten und die Alltagsaufgaben zu organisieren; es können ernsthafte seelische Störungen vorliegen. Umgangssprachlich werden Personen mit diesem Syndrom kurz Messies genannt. „Messie-Syndrom“ ist ein von den Medien geförderter, umgangssprachlicher Ausdruck, der auch in der psychotherapeutischen Fachwelt zunehmend verwendet wird.

Just after Messi began his Barcelona career I conducted a sustained campaign to get the now textiles ex to produce t-shirts depicting the talented dwarf living amidst piles of newspapers and other shite. These I volunteered to distribute to Real Madrid fans via the Ivory Coast mafia. But professional pride came before easy profits.

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Cat (9):

Compulsive hoarding (1): Compulsive hoarding, also known as hoarding disorder, is a behavioral pattern characterized by excessive acquisition of and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment.

Lionel Messi (1): Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini; born 24 June 1987) is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward and captains both Barcelona and the Argentina national team.


    1. MM
      August 24th 2012 12:11

      He actually had these cats in Fürth, although they have now been taken to Nuremberg.
      Prior to this I had heard of herding cats but not hoarding cats.

    2. Trebots
      August 24th 2012 13:03

      I’m sorry, but search engines just hate Fürth.

      Should cat hoarding be taught in business school? Where’s the market in compassion headed?

    3. MM
      August 24th 2012 13:11

      Showing results for nuremberg
      Search instead for nuremburg

    4. Trebots
      August 24th 2012 20:11

      Oops, and I can’t even plead history:

    5. Trebots
      August 24th 2012 20:14

      The champion of the free press got there first: Goal ace Lionel: I really am so Messi. The Barcelona striker, who was recently crowned FIFA World Player of the Year and earns more than £500,000 a WEEK, lives on takeaways and never cleans up.

    6. Candide
      August 26th 2012 18:09

      Is Messi’s hobby quantum physics? It would explain how he tunnels the ball so easily.

    7. MM
      August 26th 2012 19:06

      No, as far as I know Schrödinger only had one cat.

    8. Trebots
      August 26th 2012 20:18

      This conversation is ilLiSiD

    9. Candide
      August 26th 2012 21:44

      MM, that explains why he never got it up to ball level. (Sorry, Trev :-)

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